Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Physics of Fever

The Physics Of Fever-The Real Science Of Fever
As per our believe, physicians (Allopathic, Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic, etc.,) knows everything about health, decease and treatment. But a lot of physicians, their family members and their patients have died by fever. The modern science do not know much about fever.for example.
. “Pharmacology & Pharmaco-therapeutics”, the bible in India for the authentic reference in Allopathic medicines says The role of fever in the defence reaction is not clear.
Our understanding of the neural basis of thermoregulation and fever is still rudimentary. In fever, the thermostatic mechanism is set at a higher level even though it is not completely deranged.
paracetamol may cause fever”.
Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics.R.S.Satoskar, S.D.Bhandarkar,Nirmala,N.Rege-Revised xix Edition.Page 159,160,163,170

When fever is there, more heat is there on the body, Is n ’t it?
As there is more heat on the body during fever, if we cover our body with non-conductor of heat like blankets, it will cause discomfort. Is n’ t it?
As we are aware, there will be more heat on the body during fever. But when we cover our body with non-conductor of heat like blankets, during fever, we feel very comfort. Why we are not feeling discomfort?
During summer, as the outside heat increases, body feels discomfort. If we cover our body with a blanket during summer, we will feel discomfort. But when we do same during fever, we are comfortable. Why?
When the heat increase, during fever, our body is involved in heat increasing activities like, increased heart beat, shivering, etc
Why don`t we feel like eating ice- cream when we have fever?
To find out answer for these questions, we have to understand why fever is coming to our body and what is happening during we cover our body with a blanket. If we can find out the answers to the above questions, we can very well understand the , ‘physics of fever’-’heat protects heat’.

Now consider the following situations during fever:

1. We like to cover our body with blanket and feeling comfortable.
2. We do not like to drink cool water.
3. We do not like to take bath.
4. We do not feel taste for food.
5. The motion output will very less.
6. We feel tired.
7. Our body muscles shiver.

Have you ever think why our body reacts like this? What is the message our body want to convey to us? Is the current treatment and theories correct?

The answer is here. We are in the wrong way and suffering. After scientific studies for a long time, we have developed a theory, which can explain all queries related with fever. It considers the messages from our body, matching with the science and our traditional knowledge. The real science of fever can be termed as the “Physics of fever”. When the body or its parts are affected with some fatigue, it undergoes a self defence mechanism that allows it to take rest and prevent the heat from deterioration.

So the treatment that does not account these factors will lead to death, by loosing the vitality/energy/heat. To avoid death due to fever, there should have a rethink

In this session, we will discuss about the basic understanding of allopathic physicians related with fever. Here we take the Hypothalamus misunderstanding theory, theory which asks to remove the heat generated in fever and the Germs theory. This paper was presented/selected in Indian Science Congress2008-The Physics of fever –the real science of fever, Indian Science Congress 2009 Dehydration for fever –a new remedy based on true science, World Ayurveda congress2006....., .,