Sunday, 30 August 2009

What should be done to increase the heat in the body?.

3.4.What should be done to increase the heat in the body?.
The Brest milk that is hot increases heat in the newborn child. The wrapping of blanket, holding the body closely in to mother’s body increase heat. The wrapping of blanket ,taking bath in the hot water and having hot food make heat in the aged people. The routine, works and food increase heat in others. As for patients wrapping the body in blanket, food, medicine and makes heat the body by evaporation raise heat in the body.

3.5.Is it good to cover the body with blanket, when affected with fever?

By blanketing we can reduce the loss of heat from the body. And it will activate the dehydration of the body and in turn the body temperature increases. Even those who do not like to use blankets normally, likes to use blanket, when they are affected with fever. It is not just a feeling ;but the way body expresses its message by asking your help to activate the healing.
3.6.There are two types of activities which prevents the loss of heat from the body
1. The body heats up its peripheral areas.
2. The body closes the routes by which it looses its temperature. That is why the body is not sweating even when the body is covered with blanket during a fever.

3.7.When does the heat in the body fall?.
A. When the immunity of the body weakens-especially for newborn children and aged people.
B. Variations and sudden changes in climate.
C. When there is excess cold in the atmosphere.
D. When the body is wounded or hurt.

3.8. What happens when the temperature in the body falls?
Preventive power, health,and smartness decrease when the heat in the body falls. People are subjected to many diseases. Further reduction ofheat causes shivering and unconsciousness and the final stage is death. The body conserves its energy by preventing the low heat in the body to transmit and cold in the atmosphere entering the body;heat conserves heat. According to the law that heat does not travel from the place where it is low to the place where it is high, the body itself makes heat on the body. It is the physics of fever. The heat is made on the body as much it gets reduced inside the body. Then it is observed to be fever.

3.9.Is it the fever that has to be driven out ?

No. When we take bath in the cold water, rub the body with cold water and is exposed to cold breeze we feel uncomfortable. This indicates that fever heat is not to be driven out. Here cold substances absorb heat. On the other hand we feel comfortable while lying wrapped in blankets or clothes or in contact with hot substances. In the hot season we desire having cold water; cold drinks alleviate thirst and weget relief . Mean while hot tea makes us sweat and we feel uneasiness. In the cold season we desire to have hot water, tea or hot congee (boiled rice water ). The cold food items create uneasiness and indigestion. Our body desires to have hot substances during fever, whether it is in the hot season or cold season .This desire and comfort that we get are the messages of our body. Nobody in the medical science can say it is wrong. It is the basis of physics of fever. Those who say that the heat of fever is to be driven out do not clearly know the messages of the body.

3.10.What would be the effect if the heat in the body increases exceedingly?

a. Body sweats and drives out the excess heat.
b. Less sleeping effect and eye sore.
c. Hair falling, less urine, puss in urine.
d. Excess heat may cause death.

3.11.Is it scientific to drink alcohol with pepper, when a person is suffering from fever?
Alcohol helps to sweat the body. Pepper also helps to sweat. Those who take alcohol without sufficient water will have head-ache in the next day. It is because they loss too much water from their body. The base of Ayurveda Arishttas are alcohol. That is why consuming Arishttas give relief to fever. All anti-inflammatory drugs have some de-hydration agent.
If allopathic science had studied all aspects of fever, the physics of fever would have been found out much earlier. Main cause of death due to fever is the persons who deal it do not clearly know the physics of fever

Monday, 10 August 2009

The symptoms of fever patients have many things in common.

3.3. Even though now we are living with a lot of fevers with different names like Leptrospira, swine flue, Chikun Gunya, etc, the symptoms of fever patients have many things in common. That means there is a scientific basis, which is common for all these fevers and can be used to explain the secretes of all fevers. A treatment based on this science will effectively cure fevers.