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1.Why the body is not sweating during fever?
2.During fever  body temperature is high. But why still  the body  tries  the heat generating methods like, shivering, shrinking of blood vessels, increased respiration and heart beat, etc?.
3.As we are aware, there will be more heat on the body during fever. But when we cover our body with a non-conductor of heat, like blankets,we feel very comfort. why we are not  feeling discomfert? (By exposed to sun light for some time, it can increase the body temperature. If we cover our body with a blanket, we will feel discomfort)
4.During fever, why we feel  lack of appetite and taste ?  The motion(stool) also decreases why?
5.During fever why feel to take rest?
6.During fever why we dis-like cool drinks?
7.During fever why we do not like to take bath?
8.shivering during low atmospheric temperature or during fever is to compensate the decrease in  temperature. If the body temperature falls beyond a level is it fatal?
9.Buffallows manage body  temperature by immercing their body in water. But during fever, they keep away from water.why?
10.Does will the fever kills germs?(The maximum temperature during  fever is  41 0c).
11.After eating a good volume of ice cream, people may develop fever, within a few hours.why?
12.Those who do not have the habit of wetting in rain develops fever within hours, after a long exposure to rain.why?
13.It is not mandatory to develop fever for most of the people, who have acute infection in the body parts.why?
14.Why some people develop fever by consumption of medicines/pesticides? what is the germ generated from medicines used to kill germs/pesticides?
15.After getting frightened some people develops fever.why?
 16.Even though  now we are living with a lot of fevers with different names like H1N1, Leptrospira, dengue, Chikkun Guniya, viral fevers etc, why the symptoms like fatigueness of mind and body, lack of appetite, lack of taste for food , decrease in motion, dislike of cold items, etc. are common in almost all fever patients?
17.Normaly body temperature  is 37 0C and atmospheric temperature is 33 0C in kerala.During fever, body temperature increase to 40 0C and body starts shivering , even with the difference in temperature is just 7 0C .But without fever body may start shivering only if the atmospheric temperature is going below 17 0C, at temperature difference of  20 0C .So during fever just a 7 0C  difference in temperature causes shivering ,but without fever more than 20 0C required to shiver, why?
18.Even though medical science is very much developed,the basic fever itself is not understood properly.
A medical science avoiding these questions , we are failing to find remedy / treatment for fever.
Ask questions-search for proper answers

“Our understanding of the neural basis of thermoregulation and fever is still rudimentry. The role of fever in the defence reaction is not clear. paracetamol may cause fever.In practice,as with pain, relief from fever with drugs adds to comfort of the patient.It also impresses the patient and the relatives favourably about the therapeutic capability of the doctor”
Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics.R.S.Satoskar, S.D.Bhandarkar,Nirmala,N.Rege-Revised xix Edition.Page159, 160,163,170.  (Rudimentary=Anything in a rude state)

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