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Hitherto the Aim and target for rise of temperature in the case of fever has been subject to innumerable research works by lots of medical universities of international repute. But unfortunately the Aim and target for rise of temperature has not been found. Medical opinion is unanimous on one point i e rise in body temperature is what is known as fever though depending upon the nature of fever many technical names are given for the medical condition like Dengue fever,H1N1, etc. Modern medical scientists have concluded that the Aim and target  for rise of temperature couldn't be found.
Fever is not a disease as such. The rise in temperature associated with fever is only a signal of the deceased bodily conditions. I have spent considerable amount of time and energy to find out the Aim and target for rise of temperature in the case of fever. My research points to one cardinal aspect namely the rise of temperature associated with fever in the body is intended to protect the body as well as the deceased organs from getting further damaged.
It is well-known that heat is applied on the body to facilitate speedier blood circulation resulting in curing of ailments. Application of heat on the body results in better blood circulation. Application of heat on the deceased segment of the body would result in enhancement of blood circulation in that area reducing the inflammatory condition to a considerable extent.
Heat associated with fever no doubt is intended to protect the body and deceased organs by facilitating greater blood circulation. If that be so when a person suffers from fever what is to be done ? The modern medical system  recommends sponging with cold water and paracetamol to lower the body temperature. Is it not the opposite of what is to be done in the case of fever. Reduction of body temperature by administering paracetamol and sponging with cold water would only make the matters worse since the deceased segments of the body will not get sufficient protection consequent upon reduction of blood circulation. Viewed from this perspective, administering paracetamol or sponging with cold water or any other method of that nature would be counter-productive and anti-health.
Experience gained by me for more than 26 years treating persons with fever would go to show that administering heat would result in health benefits for the patient concerned resulting in reduction of body temperature. Heat could be administered in many ways. One of the best ways of applying heat is by hot sandbag for 15 to 25 minutes depending upon the rise in body temperature. Apart from that scientific approach is necessary to treat fever. There are many myths surrounding the lifestyle and practices to be adopted while a person is suffering from fever. Simple lifestyle changes and practices would be necessary to treat fever. Apart from application of hot sandbag, the patient should lie down covering his body in its entirety to preserve the heat, drink sufficient hot water to which ginger, pepper etc could be beneficially added. Steaming is also to be done to preserve the essential heat within the body frame. Small quantity of alcoholic beverages could also be consumed to enhance blood circulation and preservation of heat. It is also not advisable to take rest in air-conditioned surroundings. Usage of fan is to be avoided completely. This is because air conditioners as well as fans would drain away the essential heat from the body making the curing process difficult and time-consuming increasing the inflammatory conditions.
The heat within the body during the course of fever is to be preserved to cure the deceased segments of the body. The heat within the body is not to be reduced by applying sponging with cold water or any other similar method.
In short when a person suffers from fever heat must be supplemented to his body. Placing vessel containing hot water in hot water would only help preserving the heat in the hot water in the vessel. Likewise the rise in temperature during the course of fever and the heat associated thereby is intended to preserve the life and protect the body as well as the deceased segments of the body.  Any effort to take away heat from the body would be counter-productive and could lead to catastrophic results.
Following the treatment procedure suggested hereinabove nobody has died, suffered any loss of consciousness or fits. But on the contrary, the patients felt better and return to normalcy within the shortest span of time.

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